AFFANN in the gut


Wed Feb 24th 2016
Malta, Strait Street, junction with Archbishop Street, Strait Street

Event Details

The Strada Stretta Concept in collaboration with Valletta 2018 Foundation, presents AFFANN in the gut - a solo performance by Gjorgji Cincievski, under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci. In John Schofield/Emily Morrissey's "Strait Street" book, Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci was quoted saying that " Strada Stretta is my faith and my religion". It is precisely this element that encapsulates the idea of AFFANN and the Gut. Affann in Maltese means the very last breath before death. In Medieval times till the present the strength of such deep and profound last breath was thought to be the soul's liberation from the body-corpse. Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci juxtaposes this moment towards nothingness with an actual space struggling to keep its own spirits alive. AFFANN in the gut, features an unaccompanied double bass recital by the principal double bass player of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Gjorgji Cincievski. The performance will be held in the Gut (Strada Stretta, near the junction with Archbishop Street). The repertoire includes music by Shostakovich, Gajdos, Fryba, Tabakov, Guntler, Fuka, Massnet, Simon Garcia, Teppo Hauta - Aho and Mengoli.

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