For Your Ears Only - FYEO hits Strait Street


Thu May 4th 2017 at 20:00
Malta, 84, 'The Splendid', Strait Street, Valletta, Valletta

Event Details

The Strada Stretta Concept (artistic director: Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci), under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, presents the concert 'For Your Ears Only - FYEO hits Strait Street'.

For Your Ears Only (FYEO) is a concert series organised by the Pirates of Filfla. Their aim is to present new and experimental music to a wider audience in Malta. They create events where musicians, composers and the audience can meet, listen and discuss new music in it's broadest form in an informal setting, thus avoiding the somewhat cerebral atmosphere often associated with new music concerts.

For this concert, FYEO will be performing in the former Splendid Hotel in Strait Street. Three brand-new pieces for piano will be premiered during this event. These are composed by three expat composers/performers living in Malta: Tom Armitage (UK), Jess Rymer(UK) and Luc Houtkamp from the Netherlands. The pieces are being performed by Gabi Sultana, who is a Maltese expat herself, living in Belgium, and Tom Armitage.

New pieces for piano, performed by Gabi Sultana and Tom Armitage
1. Jess Rymer
CTRL-ALT-?, for piano and live electronics (2017, premiere performance)
2. Tom Armitage
As Above, So below, for piano (2017, premiere performance)
Tom Armitage, piano
3. Luc Houtkamp
The final piece, Luc Houtkamp's 'Hidden Histories', based on the history of Strada Stretta, is based on the styles that were played in the different clubs, are mostly dance forms: samba’s, cha cha’s, waltzes, a twist, and even a typical Maltese Makjetta is heard. There is a reminiscence of the 18th century baroque dance suites too: variations of folkdances in a concert form.

1. The Gut
2. Sparrow (Makjetta)
3. Entering The Morning Star
4. Tiny (Walz)
5. Egyptian Queen (Cha cha)
6. Passing Triq l-Arcisqof
7. Bobby (Twist)
8. Old Theatre Street corner
9. Splendid (Samba)

The event will be held at The Splendid, Strada Stretta, Valletta.


Thanks to Edwin Balzan, Adri van den Berg, Frank Cachia, Jake Wiles, Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, Jason Masini and The Splendid.

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