Kemm Nhobbu lil Sant' Antnin


Sat Mar 19th 2016 to Sun Mar 20th 2016
Malta, Salesian Theatre

Event Details

Trouble seems to be brewing in the supposedly tranquil peaceful life of a convent. Sister Lukrezia's curiosity has no bounds and is the major cause of Mother Superior's headaches. She has trouble in curbing this flaw in Sister Lukrezia's character. Adding to her troubles is that Sister Lukrezia and Sister Natalina never see eye to eye and to top it all Sister Natalina states that a statue of St Anthony is conversing with her! Mother Superior also seems to have a secret which she is hiding from the rest of her community. Enter Tonino, a drunken Gianni and Sur Pawl the sculptor into the foray and havoc abounds, but in all this confusion, what does the beloved St. Anthony have to do with all this? This performance is played in Maltese.

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