Malta Veggie Meetup


Wed Jun 1st 2016
Malta, Electro Lobster Project, 32, Main Street, Balluta Buildings

Event Details

The humble vegetable, Earths’ way of showing off its beautiful bounty in an explosion of colour, shapes, and tantalizing tastes that will help you live longer and feel better doing so. But all too often, these nourishing nuggets are banished to the far corners of restaurant menus, forcing veggie lovers into that cross-eyed search for the illusive (v) symbol. On receiving said veggie option it is often crystal clear that it was more an afterthought than a well constructed menu item. ‘C’est la vie du veggie!’ Or is it? Electro Lobster Project said ‘Goodbye’ to squinting vegetarians in search of symbols. Through sourcing the freshest ingredients, (organic where possible) microgreens and sprouts, we've developed a completely meat & animal product free menu for your veggie indulgence. From Tuesday to Sunday you can enjoy delicious food options that change with the seasons, so you can rest assured that our ‘Vegicians*’ will be making a meal out of all Earth’s goodies that ‘crop up’ throughout the year. Nourishing Nutribullet smoothies are also available for a quick healthy kick in the cabbage patch to add some spark to your day. In collaboration with Cruelty Free Malta we're organizing a night of vegan dining on Wednesday the 1st of June at 19:00. For €25 per person you can enjoy a fully vegan set menu, consisting of a trio of starters, a duo of mains and a grande finale for dessert. Not only will there be amazing cruelty free food to enjoy, we've also invited a sommelier to explain you everything there is to know about the vegan prosecco and wines on our wine list. There's limited spaces available, so booking is necessary. Tickets can be bought at the bar of Electro Lobster Project from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00h til 23:00h. --------------------- -- SET MENU -- --------------------- ** STARTERS ** Trio of; Celeriac Tartar with Parsnip Truffle purée & Bread chips Pumpkin mash stuffed Mushrooms, with grilled Sunflower seeds & Horseradish sauce Baked Beetroot with roasted Onions & Pickles, served with Idian Cress flower Reduction & Hazelnut crumble ** MAIN ** Duo of; Soya Miso grilled, baked & smoked Aubergine, served with Barley, Ratatouille & Rice chips Penne Broccoli Walnut Pesto, topped with flash fried Basil & Lemon Zest ** DESSERT ** Mint & Lime Watermelon Gazpacho with Coconut glazed baked Sweet Potato, Lemon & Thyme Granite and Almond Oat chips ------------------------------------ ** ALL DISHES FOR €25 ** ------------------------------------ *Vegician: A person that performs magic with vegetables, thus enhancing their taste and presentation. Part of the Electro Lobster entourage (Not a real word? It is now!)

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