Short Films In The City

Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub

Wed Jul 5th 2017 at 20:30 until 23:30
Malta, 135, Archbishop Street, Valletta

Event Details

Short Films in the City is the exploration of cities worldwide. A journey through autonomous hubs with their own distinctive urban architecture, cultural influence, living rhythm and culinary delights, they inspire their inhabitants to leave their mark on screen. The films reflect their makers’ feelings and lifestyles, shedding light on how they live and love their diverse cities as seen through their own eyes. This is a form of innovative storytelling, projecting the filmmakers very own distinguished signature and identity. Through the short films coming from across the globe, the audience is able to see, hear, and share the living experiences of these urban dwellers around the world. Short Films In the City champions independent new directors with fresh ideas and their filming techniques. Short Films in the City is the latest alternative distribution and exhibition platform where these films are not screened in local cinemas and TV stations but are brought directly to its viewers. This film event is going to be held at the Malta Postal Museum and Arts Hub in Valletta where the audience will be given the opportunity to vote for the best film. Entrance is only 12 euros and includes a complimentary drink. For bookings please email or text to 99052482. This event is being supported by Avon, La Vallette Wine, Albert FS Manduca, Malta Post, Malta Postal Museum.

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