Armier Bay and Little Armier

Directly facing Comino in the northernmost part of Malta, Armier consists of two sandy beaches divided by a small stretch of rocky coast. The smaller of the two beaches is referred to as Little Armier. There are two separate well signed secondary roads that lead to each bay (the first of which leads to the larger bay) as direct access between each one is only possible on foot.

Even though there are a couple of edifices conveniently providing casual eating and beach facilities, the area is still pristine and peaceful as Armier Bay is located some distance from any other major developments. The beaches here are popular with locals for picnics and barbeques. There are also a number of boathouses here that Maltese families use as summer residences, even though law enforcers have recently seized a number which were built without the necessary permits.

The sea here is usually a beautiful crystal clear Azure (somewhat reminiscent of the Blue Lagoon situated across in Comino) and an ideal sandy beach for families to enjoy. However, extra care must be taken when strong north winds punish the exposed bay with rough swells.