Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is the stuff of postcards. It is situated on the largely uninhabitat little island of Comino. Even though popular with locals and tourists alike, the cyrstal clear acquamarine waters are cordoned off to prevent any boats from entering the bay. This makes it possible to enjoy this unique area even in the height of summer when the surrounding shoreline is dotted with private yachts and larger vessels carrying dozens of tourists.

You can settle on either side of the bay where you will find small patches of sand and larger areas of flat rock to sunbath from. The surrounding sea is also ideal for snorklers with a number of caves to explore. It is also recommended to go for a walk around this little island, at least up to the imposing castle where you can awe the beautiful views of the surrounding cliffs.

A couple of other bay’s in Comino, namely St. Nicholas Bay and Santa Maria Bay, are also ideal for swimming and less popular than the Blue Lagoon. Comino also has its own hotel and chapel if you are looking to spend a few days on this peaceful island. It doesn’t get more remote than this.

The clarity of the water in the Blue Lagoon is truly magnificent and certainly a recommended stop in anyone’s travelling itenerary.