The whole Dwejra area must be one of the most beautiful and spectacular spots on the Maltese islands. From the natural inland pool of sea with fishermen’s boats bobbing up and down, to the peculiarly and precariously standing Azure window, to the imposing Fungus Rock (aka General’s rock) and to the sheer dramatic drops of the cliffs beyond...the whole place is picture postcard perfect!

The shallow and safe for swimming inland sea is linked to the open Mediterranean via a long narrow cave. This is one of the most popular diving sites around since the underwater vista when approaching the open sea is indescribably beautiful. There are also good spots for swimming off the rocky coast and salt pans facing the Azure window.

The whole place, and especially the Azure window, is even more stunning when high waves crash into the rocks and does leave spectators in awe of the astonishing power of nature. There is also a chapel here dedicated to St. Anne which provides another charming backdrop to the much photographed surroundings.