Fomm Ir-Rih

This is the essence of what is meant by ‘off the beaten track’. Fomm ir-Rih is a remote and rather inaccessible bay on the north-west side of Malta near Bahrija. Due to its isolated location the bay has remained untouched by any development giving it a beautiful sense of authenticity. The surrounding cliffs and valleys add to the dramatic feel of being in a virgin place forgotten by the developed world.

In truth, the bay is much easier to access by boat than on foot as a very tricky footpath cut into the rock face (see photo below) is the only way to get to Fomm ir-Rih on land. This is certainly not a safe option for larger groups and only recommended for the experienced and adventurous hiker. It is also important to take into consideration the effect of high temperatures in the middle of summer on demanding and precarious walks.

The actual bay is a charmingly small pebbly beach with beautiful clear Mediterranean waters. It is an ideal spot for snorkelling and it is also quite popular with divers who approach the bay by boat. You will not find a more remote, peaceful and truly evocative beach on the Maltese islands.