Ghar Lapsi

This is more of a hidden cove rather than the normal definition given to a beach. It is situated around one kilometre from the popular Blue Grotto and is nestled underneath a less dramatic drop of Dingli Cliffs. Ghar Lapsi is a natural rocky swimming pool with a cave to compliment the beautiful surroundings. It is particularly popular with snorkelers due to being a naturally protected spot and with divers as an underwater shallow cavern leads out to the open Mediterranean Sea.

Apart from a few small areas of flat rock, there is no extended space for sun bathing. Hence, Ghar Lapsi is more popular with locals who are content to come for an enjoyable swim in lovely surroundings rather than with families or tourists used to whiling away the day in comfort.

The fishermen’s boat houses found at Ghar Lapsi double up as snack bars in the summer months while there is a popular bar and restaurant just up the road and open all year round. The surrounding terrain is also ideal for hikes and offers brilliant opportunities for rock climbing.