Gnejna Bay

This is the third sandy beach, together with Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay, to be found on the north-west side of Malta. Even though Gnejna Bay is only a kilometre of coastal walk away from Ghajn Tuffieha, there is no interconnecting road and so they are around a twenty minute drive away via Mgarr.

Gnejna Bay is probably the least pretty of the three bays but it usually offers more space to lay your towel and stretch your legs in the height of summer as it is not as well known by tourists. The beach offers good clean sand and is of a decent size. A flat rock on the right hand side of the sandy beach is used by bathers less keen on sand during the day, and in the evening usual turns into a small party location for well equipped (generators and all) Maltese families.

The hidden right hand side rugged extremity of the bay is a nudist’s hide-out (join at your own risk as this is an illegal practice in Malta).

Gnejna Bay is a good option if you are looking to escape the tourist masses that other more popular sandy beaches tend to experience in the peak summer months.