This is the largest and most developed seaside resort in Gozo with hotels, restaurants, cafes and apartments surrounding the whole Marsalforn Bay. The bustling and lively surroundings have come at the usual cost of eating into the natural surroundings. Marsalforn is ideal for a day tasting the local seafood based cuisine followed (or preceded) by a dip in the sea.

The actual beach is a small sandy bank on the harbour but it is clean and safe for swimming. There are other bathing opportunities in the surrounding rocky coastline which might also be the only option in the busy summer period. Just around from Marsalforn is an area known as Qbajjar with a rugged coastline ideal for snorkelling and traditional salt pans carved out of the rock.

In Marsalforn there is also a small charming harbour with a number of traditional ‘Luzzu’ fishing boats. The area takes on a whole new dramatic look in winter when rough seas pound the shoreline creating a spectacular natural show.