Mgiebah Bay

This cove is a little treasure. Mgiebah Bay is off the beaten track and only frequented by a few locals and tourists who have been given directions to this secluded sandy beach. Access is from a secondary road opposite the Selmun Tower which continues along the Maltese countryside for a relatively long stretch. The road is a narrow and twisting affair and if a vehicle happens to be coming from the opposite direction, it is very possible that you will be testing the limits of your driving skills in reverse!

Getting to the beach from a step path starting at the improvised car park overlooking the bay is rewarding as Mgiebah Bay truly gives as sense of unspoilt wilderness and lovely views of the Mediterranean.

The actual sandy beach is small but more than adequate for the limited visitors it gets. Facilities are understandably inexistent here and extra care should be taken if the sea seems to be to rough for comfort.