Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay must have once been the most picturesque and evocative bay on the Maltese islands. Today, it has retained most of its charm but the area has been developed into a small tourist resort with a number of establishments dotting the bay. One side of the bay has been developed with somewhat unsightly apartments...but one has got to admit that these enjoy fantastic views.

Xlendi has a small sandy bank but most of the access points are from flat rock on either side of the bay. The outward views are beautiful with a natural rugged landscape and the restaurants and snack bars just across the pavement make it a very practical and popular spot for all who visit Gozo. On the undeveloped side of the bay there are a flight of steps which can be climbed in order to enjoy fine views.

In winter, high waves entering this unprotected cove put on a stunning show of nature’s raw power. It is also recommended to stay on into the early evening as the sunsets from Xlendi are priceless.