Best Gozo Farmhouses in Malta

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Malta team

Gozo is the destination of choice for travelers looking to discover a more rural and laid back destination which is just a 20 minute ferry ride from Malta. In concurrence with this, it is no surprise that the conversion of centuries old farmhouses in Gozo into fantastic holiday homes full of characted has proven to be an immensely popular choice with both tourists and Maltese travelling to the sister island.

The level and quality of these Gozo Farmhouses conversions will vary as much as the size, location and layout of the properties themselves. They range from authentic historic buildings transformed into luxurious accommodation with top end facilities to more modern buildings that have expertly replicated the look and feel of these farmhouses in Gozo. Outdoor pools, BBQ areas and sun deck terraces are to be expected in many while some will also give you breathtaking views of the Gozitan countryside or really spacious indoor and outdoor areas that can accommodate groups and large families.

These My Guide Malta pages will direct you to specific Gozo Farmhouses that we would recommend or to local agents that manage a number of these properties and are experts in the field.