Fireworks Display


Sat Jul 16th 2016
Malta, Kalkara Creek, Archbishop Gonzi Square

Event Details

Experiencing a traditional Maltese festa (religious feast) is a real opportunity to enjoy a local tradition central to village life that has been going on for generations in Malta.Bands, processions, the ringing of church bells, firework displays, street stalls, street parties, extravagantly lit and decorated churches, intricate street decorations, confetti throwing, carrying of heavy life-size religious statues and authentic qubbajt (traditional nougats). The more spectacular the festa is the better. Year round preparations culminate in four days of merry-making. Loud, colourful and cheerful festas give bragging rights to the local village people about the level of devotion to their respective patron saint. Kalkara Village Feast 16 th July 2016. A whole night of traditional Maltese customs, band march from the Local Band Club, Statue Demonstration representing the Allegorical Statue Of Malta Victory over the Ottoman Empire, firework display and traditional and mechanised St.Catherine Wheels produced from our local Firework Group.

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