Sticks and Stones

Spazju Kreattiv

Sat Oct 1st 2016 to Sun Oct 2nd 2016 at 20:30 until 01:00
Malta, Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Castille Place, Valletta

Event Details

Performances start at 8.30pm, 10.30pm & 00.30am
Venue: Spot C, St James Cavalier, Castille Square, Valletta (at the St James Cavalier main entrance)


Sticks and Stones is a re-telling of the story of David and Goliath through kung-fu, dance, and physical theatre. Packed with leaps, lifts, and throws, Sticks and Stones examines the familiar biblical story and considers its contemporary parallels.

Since childhood and throughout their conscription in the army, Goliath has used his size to protect his best friend, David. But all the while he is bullied, David studies how to utilize his small stature to his advantage and strategizes a plot for revenge against those who have wronged him. Through mastering the spear and eventually devising the slingshot, David learns to fight from a distance, protect himself and, perhaps, to the extent of being hailed as the new bully…

Thundering its percussive score through a chorus of soldiers beating seven-foot staffs, Sticks and Stones harkens back to ancient theatrical traditions, and invokes the military history of the fortress of St James Cavalier, while transforming Castille Square into the site of an unforgettable mythological battle.

This project is a production of Cleave Dance-Theatre in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv and Notte Bianca.

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