Sliema & St. Julian’s Coast

The coastline that joins Sliema and St. Julian’s is prime real estate in Malta. The entire coast road is littered with hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and upmarket apartments. The coast is all rocky and mostly in its natural state. However, flat rocks make ideal spots for sun bathing and ladders and handrails found every so often across the whole coast make the area very accessible to swimmers. The sea is clean and safe to swim but some extra care needs to be taken as it is immediately deep with no shallow areas.

A number of beach lidos are located along the whole coastline and these offer all the necessary facilities for those who are after more than just sun and sea. Being such a bustling and trendy area of the island, both the lidos and the undeveloped rocky coast are a hype of activity throughout the year (with an obvious surge during the summer months). The elevated promenade is a popular walk across the seasons and is particularly evocative when high waves smash on the coast below creating a natural spectacle.

The most well-liked parts of the coast include Qui-si-Sana, Tigne, Ghar id-Did, the Exiles and Fond Ghadir. Each section offers something different for different tastes, be it a trendy bar on the water’s edge to socialise with fellow bathers or a quiet hidden rocky spot to sunbath and read a book in total relaxation.