Mistra Bay

Mistra Bay tends to be more of a local’s rather than a tourist’s scene. It is accessed via a detour off the main road leading from Xemxija to Mellieha. The setting of the bay is remarkable as the sea inlet is the start of what must be one of the lushest green valley’s in Malta (even though in the peak of summer hardly anything remains green on the island). The pebble beach is not large and is usually overtaken by Maltese and their impromptu tents, normally in the form of sheets suspended from their cars parked directly on the beach.

There is both a fine and casual dining restaurant located just across the road from the bay. These are housed in the only development in the Mistra Bay area. Out at sea and visible from the bay are fish farming pens which are part of a growing lucrative industry on the island but unfortunately also becoming an all too common eyesore.