St. George’s Bay

This bay in St. Julian’s has been recently turned into a larger sandy beach and should not be confused with its namesake in the south of Malta. St. George’s Bay has always been a charming little bay on the periphery of Malta’s entertainment capital but had no bathing facilities apart from a tiny patch of sand in one corner of the bay. This changed in 2004 when a major project was undertaken to import and place tonnes of sand in the bay so that it can be enjoyed by a larger number of visitors.

Today, St. George’s Bay is bustling with tourists by day and night. Being straight in the middle of what is known as the golden mile in Malta (a stretch of coast with 5 five star hotels), it is ideally located for residents looking for a beach in the vicinity of their accommodation. St. Julian’s also has a large number of English language centres and their students swarm the beach throughout the summer. In fact, St. George’s Bay is less popular with families and locals in general. At night, being so close to Malta’s leading clubs there is a tendency for it to turn into a venue for the young generation to meet up and socialise.

Even though it does not have the dramatic natural surroundings of the beaches in the north of Malta, the bay is ever popular because of its unique central location.