Best Prehistoric Sites in Malta

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Malta team

7,000 years of history... this is the continuous mantra you will hear about Malta and Gozo. But truth is that this is no exaggeration... Malta isin fact home to the oldest free standing temples anywhere in the world! ... Stonehenge who?

Nobody is exaclty sure how or whythey were erected, but the prehistoric Neolithic temples found in Malta are an out-worldly sight. With free standing rock formations reaching several metres in height, they have visitors scratching their head on how our ancestors put such structures in place with such incredible precision (the inner most chambers are only lit up by the sun during the bi-annual equinox) in an age when the wheel was not even invented! In Neolithic times people already had a taste for prime real estate too, as some of these temples in Malta and Gozo are found in fantastic locations with panoramic country and sea views. The most popular of the lot are the Hagar Qim and nearby Mnajdra temples in Malta and the Ggantija temples in Gozo. And then there is the Hypogeum! ...a subterranean neolithic structure that probably beats the lot in its awe-factor. If you are planning to visit, you'd better book your tickets well in advance though, as for preservation purposes, visitors numbers at the Hypogeum are limited.