Discover the Magic of Spring in Malta


Experience the beauty of nature blooming

1. Explore the Historic Capital, Valletta

Immerse yourself in the rich history and charming architecture of Valletta, Malta's capital. Discover the stunning St. John's Co-Cathedral, visit the National Museum of Archaeology, or simply wander through the city's narrow streets filled with colorful buildings and quaint cafes.


2. Indulge in Maltese Gastronomy

Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Maltese cuisine. Sample traditional dishes like pastizzi (flaky pastries filled with ricotta or peas), rabbit stew, and ftira (a delicious local sandwich). Explore the local markets and savor the freshness of Maltese fruits, vegetables, and seafood.


3. Take a Trip back in Time at the Ħagar Qim Temples

Step into the prehistoric era by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ħagar Qim Temples. Marvel at these ancient megalithic structures that date back to 3600 BC. Explore the visitor center and learn about the rich Neolithic history of Malta.


4. Admire the Stunning Blue Grotto

Embark on a boat trip to the Blue Grotto on the southern coast of Malta. Marvel at the mesmerizing blue hues of the sea caves and cliffs. Enjoy a unique perspective of the island's coastline and witness the natural beauty that makes Malta a true gem in the Mediterranean.


5. Explore the Picturesque Fishing Village of Marsaxlokk

Visit the charming village of Marsaxlokk and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere. Wander around the colorful fish market, watch the traditional luzzu boats bobbing in the harbor, and indulge in fresh seafood at one of the village's waterfront restaurants.


6. Roam the Ancient City of Mdina

Step into the medieval world by exploring the ancient city of Mdina. Known as the Silent City, Mdina is a fortified town filled with narrow alleys, grand palaces, and stunning views. Take a stroll along the ramparts and soak in the enchanting ambiance of this historic gem.


7. Embark on a Jeep Safari in Gozo

Go off the beaten path and explore the rugged landscape of Gozo on a thrilling jeep safari. Traverse through valleys, traverse rocky terrains, and witness panoramic views of the island. Discover hidden gems, such as secluded beaches and charming villages, as you explore the natural wonders of Gozo.


8. Discover the Crystal Clear Waters of Comino

Escape to the tiny island of Comino and bask in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon. Swim in pristine turquoise seas, snorkel among colorful marine life, or simply relax on the white sandy beach. Comino offers a tranquil oasis perfect for a spring getaway.


9. Witness the Spectacular Fireworks of the Feast of St. Joseph

Experience a dazzling display of fireworks during the Feast of St. Joseph, one of Malta's most vibrant celebrations. Marvel at the colorful pyrotechnics lighting up the night sky as locals come together to commemorate this annual event with parades, music, and joyful festivities.


10. Hike along the Majestic Dingli Cliffs

Embark on a scenic hiking adventure along the majestic Dingli Cliffs. Enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, walk amidst wildflowers and charming countryside, and breathe in the fresh spring air. The Dingli Cliffs offer a serene and awe-inspiring setting for nature lovers.