Spring Break in Malta: Unwind and Refresh


Relax by the seaside and rejuvenate in tranquil settings

1. Party at Paceville

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Malta by heading to Paceville, where you'll find an array of clubs, bars, and live music venues to dance the night away.


2. Visit the Mdina Old City

Take a trip to Mdina, Malta's enchanting old city, known for its narrow cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and stunning views from the city walls.


3. Discover the Blue Grotto

Embark on a boat tour to the Blue Grotto, a series of sea caves reflecting mesmerizing shades of blue, creating a magical and surreal experience.


4. Go Hiking in Dingli Cliffs

Enjoy scenic hikes along the dramatic Dingli Cliffs, Malta's highest point, offering panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and stunning sunsets.


5. Visit the St. John's Co-Cathedral

Marvel at the opulent beauty of St. John's Co-Cathedral, a remarkable Baroque masterpiece adorned with intricate carvings, frescoes, and a magnificent marble floor.


6. Go Wine Tasting in Gozo

Indulge in a wine tasting experience in Gozo, exploring the island's vineyards, sampling local wines, and learning about Malta's emerging wine industry.


7. Dive into the Blue Hole

Embark on a diving adventure at the Blue Hole in Gozo, a natural rock formation with crystal-clear blue waters teeming with marine life.


8. Explore the Three Cities

Immerse yourself in Malta's history by exploring the Three Cities – Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua – known for their historic sites and picturesque waterfront.


9. Take a Boat Trip to Gozo

Hop on a boat and take a day trip to Gozo, enjoying the scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea and exploring the island's charming villages and rugged landscapes.


10. Experience the Malta Carnival

If visiting during the carnival season, join in the revelry of colorful parades, extravagant costumes, lively music, and traditional dances.