Where to Live in Malta

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...according to your budget and needs

There are over 7 billion people in the world and each one of us is unique. This results in us having different needs and wants.

Some of us like to live the high life and want the finest things in life whereas some of us like to live a more peaceful life close to nature.

Some of us love to spend money while some of us like to save. In this article you can find out places to live in Malta according to whether you like to be in the hustle or bustle of the city or close to the calming waters and nature and whether you have a tight or a flexible budget.

History of housing market

Renting in Malta used to be very affordable up until 2015. You could rent a two bedroom apartment for €500 to €600 in the central region. But these days rent prices have shot up because a lot of people are moving to Malta as the economy is booming.

It’s not uncommon to find people living in shared rooms and paying upwards of €400 each to do so!

Where to look for a place to stay

Looking for a place to stay in any part of the world can be a challenge. Here is a list of a few options to help you look for a place to stay in Malta and the pros and cons of each option.

Real Estate Agencies

The most common and hassle-free way to find a place to stay is through a real estate agency in Malta like letting.remax-malta.com which has a big database for long let properties, like them, most agencies in Malta are licensed by the government and they give you a rental agreement which, amongst other things, ensures that you are not thrown out at a moment’s notice!

Agencies also have offers to new modern apartments which are much more comfortable and would save you the hassle of contacting your landlord for faulty bulbs, elevators or appliances...

On the downside you have to pay an agency fee but this fee ensures you get access to a lot of options, a good contract or forced with the responsibility of finding a roommate. The agency would take care of all these issues... so you don’t have to.

Facebook groups

You can find several like this one where you can avoid agency fees. But sometimes a lot of real estate agents spam these groups and you might be hit with a fee anyway and that too from a non-registered agent.

It’s still a good option for finding roommates but you might not get a rental agreement which means you can be hit with unreasonable hikes in your rent, be forced to look for a roommate if a roommate leaves the apartment and if you don’t manage to find one, you have to pay extra.

Malta Park

Maltapark.com is the craigslist of Malta. You can find pretty much everything here, but you might encounter the same problem mentioned above.

Choosing a neighbourhood in Malta

Where to stay in Malta depends on two things:
  • Your budget
  • Whether you want to live in the countryside or close to everything
Usually prices are lower if you live in the countryside or in the south and higher in the center. Here are your options based on these two factors:

The most popular places (St Julian’s, Paceville, Sliema)

These areas are the most popular with not only expats but also with tourists. Sliema and Paceville are very prosperous parts of town with many modern buildings and all the amenities and malls. A lot of shops are open well into the night which is rare in Malta.

You can walk or jog along the beautiful coast line during the day and enjoy the teeming nightlife at night.

Paceville is a suburb of St Julian’s and has undoubtedly the most enternating nightlife and the same amenities.

On the weekends things can get a bit wild especially if you live near a night club but that’s what makes living in Paceville an interesting experience and you will have plenty of fun stories to tell your friends after you go back home!

Cheaper options to live in the center

Msida, Gzira, Ta’Xbiex, San Gwann are closer to the hustle and bustle of Sliema and St Julians and are even closer to Valetta. It takes about 30-40 minutes on foot to get to Valletta from Msida and Ta’ Xbiex. Sliema is about 20-30 minutes walk from Msida and even closer from Gzira.

San Gwann is closer to St Julian's and is pricer than all the above options but much more affordable than St Julian's and Sliema

Ta’ Xbiex is more like Sliema but quieter and has wonderful, modern apartments and not as pricey, even though still on the high-end of the price scale.

Hamrun, Santa Venera and Birkirkara tend to be closer to Valletta and Msida, they are traditional Maltese neighbourhoods and are quieter except during the Festa season when they come alive!

Living in Maltese neighbourhoods makes you feel like you are home because Maltese people tend to be very warm and friendly.

Living the quiet life

If you like to live the quiet life, especially next to the countryside then you need to move away from the typical expat areas.

The Three villages

Although green areas are hard to find in Malta, the three villages (Attard, Balzan and Lija)  are perfect places to live. They are not crowded, close to the countryside but within a 5 km distance of the center.

Public transport frequency can be lower and often late and you might have to make a journey to the center for speciality items.

Southern Region

The southern region is still urban interspersed with some farms and is one of the most affordable places to live in Malta. You have access to fresh local produce. It is much quieter here and you have the added advantage of living close to the sea.

Popular areas include Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk and you if you are more adventurous and looking for better deals you can live here.


Valletta is undoubtly beautiful, it has a lot of amenities, late night shops and a good night life.

A lot of events take place over here during the summer months. But renting here is very expensive and it’s very crowded, especially in summer when it is full of tourists.

Satellite regions around Valletta

Albert Town, Pieta and Floriana are close to Valletta and are cheaper options while being relatively quiet as well.

You can follow this link to learn more about Towns & Villages in Malta.